What we do

How we add value


We source from suppliers
across Asia Pacific.

To further cater to
customers’ needs, we are
growing our geographical
reach, deepening our
presence in existing markets
and investing in opportunities
in new markets.


Our >250 charters per year
and 3 decades’ experience
in seaborne transport of
cementitious and dry bulk
materials, ensure customised,
cost effective and timely
deliveries to our customers.

We charter and manage
Handymax, Supramax and
Panamax vessels on voyage
and time charters, providing
operational support around
the clock.

Customer Solutions

We contribute a deep
understanding of each
product we trade, sourcing
and delivering exactly what
each customer requires.
Consistently, reliably and

We maintain one-to-one
relationships with our
customers so we can
anticipate their needs,
provide adaptive solutions
and support their growth.


Cemcoa trades various types of cement (bulk and bagged), clinker, slag, gypsum,
limestone, fly ash, aggregate, energy coal and petroleum coke.

Top clinker exporter from Vietnam. Largest independent trader of clinker in Asia Pacific.


We source from across Asia.


We source from miners in Asia and Middle East

Energy Coal

We source from Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Mozambique


We source from across Asia.


We source from miners in Asia and Middle East


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Fly Ash

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Where we operate

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