Internal Launch of Cemcoa

Cemcoa’s trading teams from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas came together in Hong Kong in April to discuss markets, business opportunities and explore synergies.
First on the agenda was the launch of the new Cemcoa brand for the Group’s international trading operations, followed by team presentations on regional and commodities status and opportunities. The motivational speaker Rob Lilwall infused the teams with energy and perspective, closing the first day.

On the following morning, teams discussed specific operational issues with colleagues in trade execution, ship operations, and finance. While the afternoon was action packed with a competitive ‘treasure hunt’ on Hong Kong island that culminated in prizes, dinner, music and Directors’ closing remarks.

Shun Shing Group announces the launch of Cemcoa, the new name for its international trading arm.

Shun Shing Group announces the launch of Cemcoa, the new name for its international trading arm.

“We are very excited about this new step for Shun Shing Group. The Cemcoa name is a symbol of our ambitions, as well as a promise that we will continue to deliver excellent solutions to our growing customer base not just in our traditional home of Asia but around the world,” says Ikram Khan, Managing Director of Shun Shing Group.

“This comes as we continue to expand our geographic reach and look to leverage off synergistic opportunities along the supply chain and increase our product portfolio.”

Cemcoa consolidates all of Shun Shing Group’s trading divisions under the new name and will operate out of fifteen offices internationally, employing over 100 professionals.

In 2017 the company traded 11MT of cement, cementitious materials and solid fuels including cement (bulk and bagged), clinker, slag, gypsum, limestone, fly ash, aggregate, energy coal and petroleum coke. In addition, Cemcoa benefits from decades of experience in shipping dry bulk cargo to over 90 ports of call.

“Cemcoa carries forward Shun Shing Group’s 30 years of experience, complementing our adaptability and entrepreneurialism with professional management, a deeper talent pool and operational strength that befit an international company,” says Lelia Konyn, Head of HR and Corporate Affairs.

About Cemcoa

Cemcoa is the international trading arm of Shun Shing Group, a privately-held trading and investments company based in Hong Kong. It trades and facilitates the transport of cement, cementitious materials and solid fuels, operating out of fifteen offices internationally.

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